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EqualHire Revolution

Conquering 'Unconscious Bias' – By bringing anonymity to gender, age, race and nationality biases, the candidate has the option to anonymize their first and last name behind an avatar and formatting dates behind a time-span. Then, the patented algorithmic psychometric test weighs and ranks hard skills with Personal Work Style Preferences to match candidates to an existing team. Together, the EqualHire™ and the TéchneTeam™ tools transform homogenous teams who think in a sterile, stereotyped manner. [...]

Algorithmic Teams

TéchneHire's Personal Work Style Preferences algorithm is a patented technology, which effectively manages employees and improves performance immediately, not just annually, by Weighing Hardskills and Personal Work Style Preferences (PWSP). The tool allows a hiring manager to better understand the individual capabilities, interests and development needs to fit every employee. One size fits all is now one size fits one. TéchneHire™ brings big data to the team level with actionable items. [...]


Combining the Personal Work Style Preferences technology and the social innovation of EqualHire™, TéchneHire™ gives the Job Seeker a free and optional Résumé Wizard anonymizer and builder. Three different Résumé formats (Functional, Chronological and Hybrid) anonymize first and last name behind an avatar, formatting dates of years and months as time spans. Altogether, the candidate's qualifications take center stage, dismissing bias, possible partiality and reducing turnover costs year one. [...]
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Personal Work Style Preferences


Fair Employment Revolution and Algorithmic Team Assessment for employment and Hiring


Algorithmic Team Assessment for employment and Hiring


Resume Wizard and Algorithmic Team Assessment for employment and Hiring
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