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TéchneHire™'s Personal Workplace Preferences algorithm is a patented technology, which effectively manages employees and improves performance immediately, not just annually, by Weighing Hardskills & Personal Workplace Preferences (PWP). The tool allows a hiring manager to better understand the individual capabilities, interests and development needs to fit every employee. One size fits all is now one size fits one. TéchneHire™ brings big data to the team level with actionable items. Organizations using TéchneHire™ can optimize their workforce through worker synergies, greater operating efficiencies, and improved bottom-line performance.

TéchneHire™ weighs and ranks Job Seekers’ hard skills and workplace preferences (personal soft skills) to align the individual’s behaviors and skills with work groups and organizational goals.  TéchneHire™ is designed to effectively support both recruiting and the composition of work teams.  This functionality is strategically applied to Recruiting, Work Team Composition, and Workforce Analytics for companies hiring or looking to optimize or reorganize their teams.

Respondents are ranked on hard skills and workplace preferences, which permit the hiring manager to find the best mix of hard and soft skills, such as power, achievement, affiliation, and excitement. The hiring manager then builds a synergistic team, increasing productivity and lower company turnover.


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