So, what are the different TéchneHire™  clusters?

The TéchneHire™ types include:

The Action Seekers cluster:

  • Most comfortable in an exciting field and workgroup.
  • Desires an environment that is achievement-based.
  • Team players, but rely on themselves to perform.
  • Independent, and are not afraid to take risks.

The Heavy Lifter cluster:

  • Independent.
  • Solution-oriented.
  • Like to define their goals.
  • Figure out problems.
  • Do not rely on workplace kudos for their confidence.
  • Are not interested in being in a leadership position.
  • Do not need to have responsibility.

Team Spirit Cluster:

  • Extroverted group.
  • Very affiliative.
  • Do not like to do things on their own.
  • Not self-directed.

Leaders Cluster:

  • Best defined by their desire for responsibility.
  • Happy to be decisive, regardless of whether they are leading a group or are simply self-directed. Power finds its closest embodiment in the
  • eaders, but not purely for the sake of power, only as an expression of responsibility.
  • Like to define goals.
  • Responsible for outcome, not only for themselves, but for others.
  • Like action, but not excitement just for the sake of activity.

The TéchneHire™types are not visible to the Hiring Manager or potential employee. The system is inherently flexible, and can be tuned by introducing new statements.

What is the objective of TéchneHire™?

The goal of TéchneHire™ is to create world-class work environments where employees can achieve peak performance and managers can effectively manage employees by building a balanced team and improve performance immediately, not just annually.

Our web site contains a tool for your hiring mangers and employees to connect based on technical skills and Personal Workplace Preferences that are weighted and ranked to determine an optimal match of employee with employer and their workgroup.

TéchneHire’s objective is to positively impact companies by efficiently making better matches based on technical expertise and Personal Workplace Preferences potentially reducing turnover, thereby lowering costs.

By determining upfront quantifiable baseline factors over time, we will be able to confidently demonstrate that companies using TéchneHire™ have an efficient hiring process and are able to:

  • Optimize their global workforce resulting in the reduction of turnover and increase net revenue and overall ROI.
  • Eliminate silos based on location.
  • Develop formulas for balanced teams, which can feed to their ATS (Applicant tracking System).
  • Evaluate where contingent workers could best be plugged into the company.
  • Create balanced teams based on optimization of people resources, as the data get richer.
  • Understand the skill-set mix of an employee and where they could fit into a similar role.
  • Strengths-based team design.

How easy is it to sign up and start using our service?

Once the Registration is complete, you can start using the service and will be asked to complete the Hard skills Profile and Personal Workplace Preference Profile.

How is TéchneHire™ different from all those other Job Boards and websites?

We weigh skills and Personal Workplace Preferences (PWP) against hiring manager’s requirements and workplace preferences to form workgroups that are balanced and work well together. And further, we weight and rank the potential employee against the other applicants and members of the current workgroup.

Candidates are evaluated based on choosing their workplace preferences by selecting between two ‘positive preferences.’ The respondent then selects the most preferred alternative.

Thirteen workplace ‘soft skill’ attributes are measured behind each pair of statements.

So, TéchneHire™ is different, but how is it better?

Personal Workplace Preferences weighted with the hard skills results in an efficient hiring process based on optimum information.

Currently, there are many Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) and candidate profiling systems and methodologies on the market and in academia—TéchneHire™ differs from them in a number of ways.

By establishing Hiring Requirements up front and matching potential applicants against the requirements, potential applicants only become applicants when contact is established by the Hiring Manager. This reduces the avalanche of resumes and results in a more efficient process. This process also allows a potential candidate to apply anonymously until the Hiring Manager establishes contact.

This process also results in clear-cut EEOC compliance in determining who are applicants and also enhances diversity hiring.

TéchneHire™ levels the playing field for potential employees communicating in any language. The employee is not challenged by a language barrier and can communicate by text messaging or email. TéchneHire™ is based on a point and click format.

Don’t most behavioral and Personality Tests Take a Long Time To Complete?

The test measures your Personal Workplace Preferences, not your personality or behavior. The test takes only 4 minutes!

What about ‘gaming’ the system? Can’t a candidate outwit the system to get a better job?

To get around this problem, TéchneHire™ creates your profile by asking you to make choices between two neutral statements randomly chosen by the algorithm about your workplace preferences. ‘Neutral’ means that there is no right or wrong answer to a given question, and the question will not imply the existence of a right or wrong choice. Each alternative is indicative of a tendency in one or more soft skills attribute. In some cases, a given response will indicate a stronger tendency towards a particular soft skill attribute.

Doesn’t it take a long time to learn how to interpret these tests?

No, it’s immediate. TéchneHire™ is easy to administer and doesn’t require training to interpret. The scoring is done using a powerful, proprietary algorithm that weights and ranks the candidates based on the Hiring Manager’s profile similar to a ‘req”. The candidate is ranked based on the vector match by the algorithm requiring no specialized training.

So how would this work in real life?

The Hiring Manager’s team completes the hard skills profile and the Personal Workplace Preferences profile. The software assesses the team and then makes a recommendation for the next hire in an effort to maximize the teams potential. The Manager agrees or adjusts the profiles and essentially creates a keyword “req”.

Matching a candidate’s workplace preferences and hard skills with those needed for a position is completed by a proprietary algorithm that computes the distance between the candidate’s hard skills and soft skills vector and that of the position. The 39 TéchneHire™ statements are paired randomly by the algorithm until all 13 attributes are tested twice. The test takes only 4 minutes.

The results are weighed and ranked along with the hard-skills attributes. The applicants are then ranked and the results are deposited directly on the Hiring Managers desktop. Resumes are optionally attached since the skills profile is based on key words. Resumes are eliminated in the first half of the process because they are all created differently and unique to each jobseeker. Keywords are easier to match against the set of requirements established up front. In the future, profiles can be completed in different languages and transformed into the Hiring Manager’s language of choice.

Did TéchneHire test this?

The TéchneHire™ Algorithmic Psychometric Personal Workplace Preferences test was third party tested by Venture Analytics, a third party market research and analysis company. The TéchneHire system relies on statistical mapping between statements, which are inherently multidimensional, and the attributes that we measure. Yes, the system is robust and shows good internal consistency.

Can this tool parse soft copy resumes and store them online?

Absolutely! Our system will convert from text, WORD or PDF documents.

Is it safe to store my information online?

Yes, we will not sell your information to third parties. Please see our Privacy Policy for a complete view of TéchneHire’s Privacy Policy.

Additionally, our website sits behind an eCommerce privacy, Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption and robust industry firewall protected host.

How Do We Use the Information That You Provide to Us?

Broadly speaking, we use personal information for purposes of administering and expanding our business activities, providing customer service and making available other products and services to our customers and prospective customers. Occasionally, we may also use the information we collect to notify you about important changes to our Web site, new services and special offers we think you will find valuable. You may notify us at any time if you do not wish to receive these offers by emailing us at Support@hiresmartglobal.com

Is pre-employment testing legal?

Yes, there are no laws that prohibit ability, personality, and skills testing for the pre-employment selection.
Unlike personality, ability, skills, and behavioral testing, TéchneHire™ creates a profile by asking the candidate to make choices between two neutral statements randomly chosen by the algorithm about their workplace preferences. ‘Neutral’ means that there is no right or wrong answer to a given question, and the question will not imply the existence of a right or wrong choice. Each alternative is indicative of a tendency in one or more soft skills attributes. In some cases, a given response will indicate a stronger tendency towards a particular soft skill attribute.

It seems like the same statements come up more than once?

Thirteen preference metrics measure the basic ways that people value their workplace. They include such preferences as power, achievement, affiliation, and excitement. These preference metrics are never seen directly by the respondent or the hiring manager; they are measured indirectly. When the respondent completes the questionnaire, the result is a thirteen-dimensional vector composed of the metrics.

A set of 39 statements relate to the 13 preference metrics. The respondents choose statements that show their preferences, rather than addressing the preference metrics directly. The 39 statements are shown until each preference metric is measured twice. A match exists when a candidate’s soft skill vector falls within the match range of the position’s desired soft skill vector.

Sometimes the statements appear twice until each of the 13 preference metrics are measured twice.

How is the hard skills profile created?

Similar to the TéchneHire™ soft skill vector, a match exists when a candidate’s hard skills vector falls within the match range of the position’s desired hard skills vector.

A similar matching method is used to match a candidate’s hard skills with the skills needed for a given position. Optimally, a hiring manager should be able to set the match range for the hard and soft skill vectors by giving the system a basic idea of the most important attributes. In some cases, hard requirements will be used to exclude candidates (e.g. 5 or more years of C++ programming experience). Therefore, it is also possible to set matching vector distances in the system, allowing hiring managers to set specific match ranges”


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